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Combining our experience and knowledge of filming around the world and of high-quality production, TBD Films leverages the capabilities of a diverse, multi-talented team to produce world-class, purpose-driven feature films.

From idea conception to final cut, TBD Films brings together the talents of our in-house scriptwriters, producers,

directors and editors to develop original content around the stories that make a difference to our lives. These films further the international ambitions of TBD Media Group by creating content that recognizes the challenges of society and is driven by the goal of creating a tangible impact on the world.

Circularity Film

How do we sustain economic growth in a world of finite natural resources and a growing population? With natural resources becoming ever more difficult to obtain and our industrial processes exponentially impacting our environment. Our future economies, by necessity will have to mimic the Earths Natural systems.



Six brave British soldiers struggle to decompress after returning home from war.

“Debrief” aims to be a war film grounded in realism. The success of films such as American Sniper, Jarhead, Black Hawk Down and Zero Dark Thirty all have a similar aesthetic and target market that Debrief aims to attract.