Film Production

TBD Media is an award-winning production house, providing end-to-end documentary and feature film production with a global reach.

With a team blended from production, sales and distribution professionals, we can combine our expertise to handle the full production cycle for our clients and partners.

Pre-production: A full pre-production process with our experienced writers, producers and directors.

Production: Full-service location shoot with our experienced, versatile crews.

Post-production: Our team of editors, colour graders, sound designers and graphics specialists will elevate your film to the next level.

Creative Production

We tell stories. But the creation of world-class content requires more. It requires an understanding. And as a team of creatives with experience in production, sales, marketing and distribution, we understand how to shape that content to the requirements of your business and all its stakeholders.

With this expertise, we craft engaging films that build tangibly profitable audiences for the brands we work with. By understanding your commercial needs, we produce the content you want and the passion and skill of our team ensures your message will reach the global audience it deserves.

Content distribution

Nothing says more about content than where it is anchored and how it is distributed. Having content on a leading publisher platform demonstrates to the audience that the content has high production values in line with the quality of content that the publisher produces.

Anchoring content is just the start.

What is also crucial is the technology we work with in getting that valuable engagement with the right audiences. That’s why we choose our technology partners just as carefully as we choose our publishing partners, giving our clients peace of mind that their content is distributed in a contextually safe environment.

We believe

TBD Media believes that there is an imperative need for organisations, around the world and across verticals, to create open platforms and discussions on the future of business and our communities.

By reporting on and interviewing leading figures in key areas such as Sustainability, Social Impact, Digital Transformation and Technological Innovation; we provide content aimed at educating business leaders and senior decision makers across both the private and public sector on the key innovations that will come to shape the world of tomorrow.

With offices in London, New York, Berlin and Frankfurt, TBD Media are an International digital film producer and distributor, connecting audiences across the world with leading organisations via leading media titles such as The Wall Street Journal, BBC Worldwide, Reuters, Handelsblatt and many more.

Our aim is to provide video content and platforms that invite organisations to put forward their visions of the future and of their business, where we challenge the ‘WHY’ behind their visions and their direction.